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I-Tag: Spider AT/3010 GSM5128

Long life battery powered GPS asset tag

This advanced tracking device is ideal for recovering assets that have moved unexpectedly. It has rapid reporting for recovery of asset if require. Alternatively it can be used for peace of mind to know where your asset is.

3 versions are available each already configured and ready to use -

I-Tag Static:The device will report in 1 a day.
I-Tag Motion:The device reports in when it changes from "Static" to "Moving" or "Moving" to "Static" with 1 report per day when static.
I-Tag Dynamic:The device automatically geofences its current position when powered up. It will report when inside or outside the geofence. 1 a day when inside and every 5mins when outside for asset recovery. The device automatically updates and resets new geofence when stationary.

The I-Tag can be reconfigured "over the air" upon request* to change reporting frequencies and device operation (Static/Motion/Dynamic). Replacement batteries are available.

The device comes with a free year's membership** on activeTRACK which is used to track your I-Tag. activeTRACK includes full UK mapping with reports and supports single or multiple devices.

* Please note, reconfiguration costs £9.99 for each device, not including VAT.
** activeTRACK membership costs £6.99 a month after the free year membership, not including VAT.

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