• Ideal for use in heavy industry. Diggers, Dumper Trucks and Generators -
    keep an eye on all construction site assets with the Giantt I-Tag.
  • Always know where your Caravan, Horsebox or Boat is with the Giantt I-Tag.
  • Be aware as to the location of your portable assets -
    Fuel Tanks, Clothes Bins, Skips and Water Tanks are all covered by the Giantt I-Tag.
  • From Tractors to Combine Harvestors - bolt on a Giantt I-Tag to track your assets.
  • Use the Giantt I-Tag to track your vehicles -
    Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, Quadbikes...
  • Worried about losing your bag at an airport?
    The Giantt I-Tag and activeTRACK will keep you in the know, and help you track your Suitcase, Bag or Backpack.
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